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Cottonwood Holistic is a human powered ecological gardening business. As a Certified Horticulturist, Jen Kovach uses over 22 years of experience to create and maintain beautiful gardens through an ecological lens.

Through sustainable practices, she use her knowledge to choose plants indigenous to the local area, deer resistant plants and those that are drought tolerant with a priority for those that attract and provide food for wildlife. Integrating over 15 years of plant medicine wisdom and experience, Jen is able to create apothecary and therapeutic gardens for clients specific needs.

Cottonwood Holistic uses hand tools to prune fruit trees, shrubs and hedges. No gas powered tools are used which frees up time for summer pruning when gas powered tools use is prohibited on Galiano.

Rates and availability: Due to poor cell reception on the island, it’s best to email with questions regarding rates and availability. :  

Cottonwood Holistic Horticulture is based on Galiano Island BC which is the shared, asserted, and unceded traditional territories of the Penelakut, Lamalcha, and Hwlitsum First Nations, the shared, asserted, and ceded traditional territories of the Tsawwassen First Nation and other Hul’qumi’num speaking peoples.


  • Ecological Landscape Design + Installation
  • Summer + Winter fruit tree pruning
  • Flowering small tree, shrub and hedge pruning
  • Garden Consultation + coaching
  • Garden maintenance

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