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Cottonwood Holistic Horticulture is an organic and silent gardening business based in Vancouver BC. Our focus is soil and plant health as well as creating  bio diverse ecosystems within your garden. We use hand tools to prune small trees, shrubs and hedges. Not using noisy and toxic gas powered tools allows us to work in relative silence so you can enjoy your garden while we maintain it. Mulching, planting for wildlife value and food production and designing therapeutic and ecological gardens are just some of the services we offer. Plants offer health benefits to all of us whether creating shade, providing habitat for wildlife viewing or feeding and healing us with their medicine.  The color, fragrance, texture and structure of plants have the remarkable ability to soothe and help to relieve stress from our busy urban lives. Through ecological design we are able to create gardens that provide for both humans and ecosystems alike.


  • Permaculture Design
  • Landscape Horticulture
  • Therapeutic Gardens
  • Herbal Integration
  • Ecological Landscape Design

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