Ecological Design

Whether you’re looking to renovate an existing garden or create a new one, design is key. Designing for human, animal and insect needs and wants  is a priority at Cottonwood Holistic. We believe in creating biodiversity by designing planting plans that will facilitate this. Choosing flowering and or fruit producing trees, shrubs and perennials will ensure food for bees, birds, butterflies and humans. By attracting wildlife to a garden, we create habitat as well as  natural beauty and a landscape that draws humans in. Native planting has become increasingly  more popular in the urban environment. We encourage Native plantings as they  are often drought resistant which helps to reduce watering needs. We consider fragrance, color and texture of plantings and how they work together to create different emotions in a garden space. Whether you are interested in creating a beautiful view out of a home window or want to establish a calm hideaway from urban noise pollution, Cottonwood is eager to design a space for you!IMG_7206.jpg

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